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Can conveyor

ACCS has revolutionized the industry with its latest can conveyor concept. Our air conveyor offers frictionless transfer, specifically designed for large-capacity plastic drums, ranging from 5 to 10 liters.

This innovative device is designed to establish an efficient link between a bottle blow-molder/former and a filler, all at particularly high speeds. Based on the tried-and-tested principle of transferring PET bottles and closures, our conveyor uses the force of air to impart inertia to the cans, enabling them to reach the next machine smoothly.

Featuring strategically positioned side guides, the conveyor prevents tilting on bends and ensures smooth accumulation. A major advantage is that our canister air conveyor is virtually maintenance-free. No chain wear, no friction, and even less risk of breakage.


An infinite number of variations

Versatility is at the heart of our design, offering an infinite range of possibilities. Our system can be easily adapted for other products such as cigarette cartons, tea tins, potato chip tubes, capsules, and many more.

Entrust us with your specific requirements, and we'll carry out an in-depth study to offer you a perfectly adapted solution.

At ACCS, innovation and personalization are at the heart of our commitment to your success.


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