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Modernization of an existing air conveyor

Air conveyor modernization for Coca-Cola Germany

Customer: Cola-Cola - Germany
Services: Line engineering
Air conveyor
Lead time: 2 months

Current situation

  • Obsolescence of the 2 snowblowers
  • Outdated pneumatic guidance
  • Bottle blockage problem


  • Replace the 2 current snowblowers with 1 single machine
  • Adapt the air conveyor accordingly
  • Improve current performance

To meet our customer's requirements, ACCS Packaging undertook a proactive approach, starting with a precise dimensional survey, in order to design the optimum layout while taking into account bottle transfer imperatives. Careful analysis of the initial layout led to a total redesign, replacing the conveyor's three-level pneumatic lateral guidance system with a multi-position UBIC system. This transition not only reduced the number of cylinders required, but also extended the range of adjustment options.

A team of 8 technicians was mobilized on site to carry out the modifications in just two weeks. A tandem of mechanical and automation experts then commissioned the new configuration.

The result?

  • A considerably smoother production line, enabling our customer to integrate new formats without the need for mechanical modifications.
  • Thanks to a redesigned HMI interface, he can now easily add and save new formats in the PLC.
  • What's more, it provides real-time information on any air leaks, enabling rapid intervention in the event of a problem.


Operationally, the new layout has significantly reduced blockages, improving overall line efficiency. In addition, thanks to the overall modification of the line, our customer achieved remarkable energy savings of up to 30% compared with the previous layout.

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