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1-2-3 lane conveyor for caps and closures : ACCS Europe

ACCS Europe continues to expand its range of air conveyors for caps and closures.

The operating principle is directly inspired by the air conveyor for PET bottles. Caps or closures circulate individually in a blowing channel. The fluidic energy is transmitted to the cap by slots spaced along the length of the blow channel. The force of air alone transports the capsules to the capping machine. In this way, very high speeds can be achieved. The ACCS range of conveyors also includes 90° elevations, curves and accumulations. As far as guiding is concerned. Retractable stainless-steel guides hold the capsule in position along its entire length.

Each fan is controlled by a variable speed drive to regulate air speed according to the line layout.

Each unit / fan is available in several versions: G4+F7 or H13 (Hepa) to meet customer requirements. Depending on the application, soundproofing assemblies can be integrated to reduce noise pollution by 5 to 10dB.

Air conveyors for caps and closures offer many advantages. Compared to traditional (belt) conveyors. It reduces the breakdown rate and requires very little maintenance. As friction levels are very low, there is very little residual dust.

The ACCS Europe range of cap conveyors is also available in 1-way and 2-way versions, in 304L stainless steel or brushed stainless steel.

Before delivering the equipment, ACCS carries out a series of tests in the workshop to ensure that the transfers at the transitions run smoothly. This is a guarantee of quality.