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ACCS Europe - Air conveyor designer

Air conveyor for bottles

ACCS Standard

Manufactured in stainless steel, ACCS Europe air conveyors are available in a universal multi-format version with double lateral guiding and clip-on neck guide with F7 filtration and floor support.

H14 Filtration

Available on request, H14 filtration is used for sensitive products, such as water, tea, fruit juice, milk.

Shoulder Guides

The shoulder guide is essential for the proper transfer of tapered bottles, it limits the sway of the bottles during accumulation phases. It is usually combined with a top guide.

UBIC Guide

The UBIC guide is a double (multi-position) lateral guide, it allows to obtain more than 30 different positions.

UBIC X-Y Guide

The UBIC X-Y guide is a lateral guide capable of having several adjustment positions in both axes (in height and width).

Top Guide

The top guide is also proposed in the case of tapered bottles, it helps prevent the bottle back up into the blowing channel and hang.

Hanging supports

Proposed at the customer’s request, aerial support limits the number of supports on the ground and improves circulation in the plant.

Speed Regulation

The ACCS line control is used to transfer the bottles according to the filling state of the line in order to limit the shocks between bottles and blockages.

Under neck guide

Offered as standard on our lines (since 2008), the clipping under neck guide allows quick disassembly and reassembly.

Transfert de capsules

Air conveyor for caps

Manufactured in stainless steel, ACCS air conveyors are studied according to customer needs.

In single-channel version for flat caps

Equipped with removable guides and decks for easy cleaning. Elevation at 90 °.

In double-track version for flat and sport caps

Equipped with removable guides and decks for easy cleaning. Elevation at 90 °.

Available in F7 or H14 Filtration

Depending on the bottled product, we can offer different levels of filtration, including H14 filtration.

Available in 85db or 75db version

On request we can offer to equip our fans with silencers.

Air conveyor for Cans

Manufactured in stainless steel, ACCS air conveyors are studied according to customer needs.

Single lane version

For unit transfer.

Mass flow version

For accumulation.


G4 in standard and F7 on demand.


Adaptation of the principle of the UBIC system for the adjustment of top covers.

Vaccum transfer

For transfers between pallet chain conveyors and the air conveyor.

Low friction Air conveyors (ex: Tobacco packaging)

Built in stainless steel or painted steel, ACCS air conveyors are studied according to the needs of the customer.

Specialist of the low friction transfer.

Single lane version

For unit transfer.


For the simultaneous transfer of several cartons.



Related Services


Studies and Services


Each project is the subject of a specific study of its own. A project manager is in charge of coordinates mechanical studies and automation and the organization of the services on sites until commissioning.



ACCS devotes a large part of its budget to innovation in order to respond as accurately as possible to the requirements of the markets and its customers.




ACCS is partner with several companies around the world Argentina, USA, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Brazil.



ACCS is very demanding on the quality of the equipment as well as the programs put in place to automate its equipments.

Services on site


ACCS carries out assembly and commissioning of its equipment.

Maintenance / After sales


Thanks to the introduction of a catalog and a business management tool, ACCS quickly meets the expectations of factories in terms of spare parts.

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