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ACCS Europe - Air conveyor designer

Developer of conveying solutions:

In addition to the air conveyor for PET bottles, ACCS continues to develop its range of air conveyors and mechanical conveyors for better frictionless transfer.


UBIC side guide:

The UBIC side guide is a multi position devise moved with pneumatic cylinders.

Cork conveyors:

ACCS has developed a new range of cap conveyors; suitable for flat caps to capsules; sports caps, solidarity caps.
The air cap conveyor is available in mono, double and triple tracks. It offers the possibility of mounting at 45 ° and 90 ° over a very small area and moving the supply source of the caps to a room other than the production area.

Carton box / cans conveyors:

In addition, you can find a can conveyor with multi-position guidance.
Thanks to the UBIC guidance system, ACCS can also respond to multi-format issues on existing lines.

Packaging conveyors:

The latest addition to the ACCS range, the “flat track” air conveyor allows frictionless transfer of products such as cartons, cans, cartridges and other lightweight packaging.

Mechanical conveyors:

ACCS offers a range of mechanical conveyors for the transfer of unitary products or packaging. Integrating solutions for the accumulation and management of flows.

Air conveyor for bottles

Air conveyor for Packaging

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Studies and Services


Each project is the subject of a specific study of its own. A project manager is in charge of coordinates mechanical studies and automation and the organization of the services on sites until commissioning.



ACCS devotes a large part of its budget to innovation in order to respond as accurately as possible to the requirements of the markets and its customers.



ACCS is partner with several companies around the world Argentina, USA, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Brazil.



ACCS is very demanding on the quality of the equipment as well as the programs put in place to automate its equipments.

Services on site


ACCS carries out assembly and commissioning of its equipment.

Maintenance / After sales


Thanks to the introduction of a catalog and a business management tool, ACCS quickly meets the expectations of factories in terms of spare parts.