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CHP Lub: New ACCS Europe partner

ACCS Europe has taken over the representation of CHP Lub for the French market.

CHP is a leading engineering company based in Belgium. It offers innovative lubrication solutions, and deploys cutting-edge technologies to meet the ever-increasing demands of its customers. Our customers are often confronted with problems of bottle drop and excessive pressure at the machine infeed. As a result, they experience significant production losses. To remedy this, they are looking for cutting-edge solutions for lubricating their equipment. This is what CHP offers. With their DLT-333 dry lubrication system, bottles now run smoothly on conveyors. What's more, there's no monthly maintenance commitment.

For over 20 years, CHP has successfully supplied a wide range of customers worldwide. CHP targets a wide range of industrial sectors, such as the food industry, the chemical industry, the automotive industry, heavy industry, machine builders, plastics manufacturers, paper mills, logistics centers, and so on.

CHP products undeniably complement the conveyors developed by ACCS Europe. The signing of this partnership is a natural step for both companies.