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ACCS specializes in frictionless unit transfer.

Towards a greener transition

With the ecological constraints many manufacturers have turned to new materials for their packaging products. This is not without consequences for line equipment and output. Replacing plastic packaging with solutions made from recycled materials (R-PET or cardboard) can have serious consequences on line yields and equipment maintenance.

Solutions for all types of products:

That's why ACCS offers several solutions for the unit transfer of light loads. These include R-PET recycled plastic bottles, caps, closures, cans and cardboard packaging. For the transfer of light loads, ACCS offers a range of air conveyors for frictionless transfer of unit loads. In particular, the "Flat-track" conveyor replaces chain or cable conveyors with air. The driving force of air enables very high speeds to be achieved without generating friction on the product.

For more conventional equipment, such as mechanical conveyors, ACCS offers "low-friction" chains, and above all Micro-Dry lubrication, which is totally environmentally friendly. The product used to reduce chain friction is DLT-333. It's a totally biodegradable ecological material. It significantly improves line efficiency while reducing maintenance costs. The application system developed by CHP Micro dry not only reduces friction on chains, but also acts inside them. Chain life is extended by 30% and energy consumption is reduced.

Limiting friction on lines is a twofold objective: a response to ecological constraints and a concern for line performance.

ACCS offers visits to measure the coefficient of friction of your equipment.

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